Thursday, December 1, 2011

(Layer Two) Metalsmith Match Bangle

So this is where I was at about 7:00 last night after making dinner for the family. Half way through with the first part of layer two. It was so nice seeing and feeling the metal beads forming its way into becoming a beautiful bangle.

Now this is where I was at about 8:00 last night. I finally finished the first part of the second layer! Yeah!!! I was remembering last night that I read somewhere that you need to really cull through your beads before you start beading. I was trying to do that with the size 11 silver metal beads while I was beading. I was doing alright for awhile but then once in awhile I would forget! That gave me headaches later on throughout the second layer with my Fireline thread. Oh well, a lesson learned the hard way unfortunately!
I tried to capture me starting the second part of layer two but its hard to see it with these silver metal beads. Hopefully, I can finish this part by today. I am anxious to see it finally done! I keep trying it on and it feels so nice! 

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