Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Finally Done! (Layer 4)

This bangle was truly a learning experience for me but it is finally done! The fourth layer was definitely a challenge due to my error in tightening the seed beads too much on the third layer. Thanks to my endearing friend Ruth, she gave me a great tip on how to get the needle to go through all those tight seed beads. I was breaking needles like no tomorrow!!! I used about every type of needle other than the one she suggested which was the,"lifesaver" but really I should actually say the, "finger-saver "of them all! You should have only seen me, I had medical cloth tape on almost all of my fingers on my right hand! Every time my husband would look at me he would just shake his head like I was ridiculous which come to think of it I must have looked that way. I could not help it, my fingers were all cut up from the Fireline and holes on the tips of each one of them, from all the different needles that I used. I looked like a beading warrior! I sometimes cannot believe that as beader' we truly endure all kinds of tortures just for the love of beading. Well getting back to my endearing friend Ruth. she told that me she went through the same situation as I except for the tape part! LOL!!! She used the big eye needle and just bent the front part up. It definitely worked like a charm!

It is truly amazing what you can learn just talking to other beaders like yourself, especially the experienced ones. What would I do without them!!!


  1. it can be said you really had a heavy work, but congratulations the result is amazing...I think I´m not gonna to ask U for the pattern, my needles already break without working so hard...

    1. Thank you Mariam
      ! I found the pattern on the Creative Beading Book (Volume #3, page #113). Please let me know if you were able to get it!


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